INT’L Door to Door Delivery

Specialist Indonesia

We provide Guaranteed Delivery Airfreight / Seafreight and Project Logistics Break Bulk Cargoes to All Destinations in Indonesia.

Transit Times:

  1.   The Transit Time for Airfreight: 5-7 working days
  2.   The Transit Time for Seafreight: 18-21 working days

Minimum Weights:

  1.   The Minimum Weight for Airfreight Cargo is 15kg
  2.   The Minimum Weight for Seafreight Cargo is 1-M3

Key Benefits:

The biggest benefit is that Premier Shipping guarantees your products will arrive in Indonesia and get through customs safely. We have created an efficient trade network with our partners who have massive expertise and experience of international import freight.

Other main benefits include the following :

  1.   As a shipper, you do not need to wait and get to start your importing immediately.
  2.   As a shipper, you do not need to worry about how your products could arrive in Indonesia without incorporating or having an import license.