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About Premier Shipping

Premier Shipping is a Global Freight Forwarding and Accredited 3PL Logistics Company. Our Company operates 5 regional offices globally with our headquarters in Singapore.

We Organize, Manage and Track the flow of your cargo, provide fulfillment services, documentation and finance through our broad portfolio of logistical and financial products and worldwide offices to provide integrated solutions.

Our Offices:

  1.   Singapore Office  
  2.   China Office  
  3.   India Office  
  4.   Indonesia Office  

Contact Us:

We are ready to assist you now for your enquiries, quotations or just a free consultation on your global freight needs!

  Tel: +65 6808 5897 / +65 6808 0617

  Live Chat Now : Thomas: +65 8268 1080 /
        Gowri: +65 87541 05710 (24 hours)

  Email : Sales@premiershippingltd.com